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Tagged by my awesome Senpai :iconyakumosoulqueen: and by my adorable Kohai :iconkiruiin:
Senpai wants to know more about Hikari, while my Kohai wants to discover interesting things about Sue-chan :3
I am just adding more info about Yumi and Star since my Kohai said that everyone who has Zexal OC's can take part at the tag challenge as well ... So Yumi and Star are here again =w=
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
Here we go again =w=
Sue: Please no ... (me: Heck yeah! òwò)
Hikari: *shrugs*
Yumi: YAY! X3
Star: Ah?
Sue (both GX and Arc-V versions)
1. Sue's never met her real father
2. Sue's ace is called "Nymph of the Eternal Sleep, Ondine"
3. Sue owns a deck of sea creatures o3o
4. If I've to choose a fairy tale that will fit Sue, I'll pick up the "Little Mermaid" *coughs* o-o
5. She gets really frustrated and irritated when she's not able to reach objects that are on th
:iconkeruber0su:Keruber0su 3 1
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Amazing Art From Other Artist :)

Journal History



NeonNeoz's Profile Picture
United States
Just another random Hispanic guy who just gets inspired and bored easily
    Man it's been a while since I've done a journal entry huh? XD Anyways, I want to thank everyone for wishing me a happy birthday today, I may not have gotten any presents, aside from some amazing art from others in DA, I've gotten cake, which is about it, aside the college's stress reliever events, and buying a ultimate cheeseburger just to get another one for free from Jack in the box,  it was a nice day today, and I liked it ^w^

Also this song's album was just released today on my b-day, so I was extremely hyped today >w< unfortunately it's not available on YouTube to hear the full version, but I got the next best thing, this one :3

I think I'mma go get myself addicted to this once the full version is also released but for now I'mma listen to this on loop thank you very much, also I LOVE THE SAXAPHONE PART OKAY!!!! XD

Anyways, time for the tags that I've accumulated- I mean forgotten over the past month :dummy:

Anyways lets got for the tag that was from the start of the month :3

First tag is from :iconalb1990:

Here are the rules:
1) You have to post ALL the rules
2) Answer 12 questions you have been asked then create some 12 questions for people you tagged
3) Choose 12 people
4) Legitimately tag these people
5) You can't say you don't do tags
6) Tag backs are ALLOWED!

1. What's your fave thing to snack on?
Hmm a tough one, some twizzlers :3
2. if you can pick any instrument to play which one would you pick?
Drums, I fail at everything else XD
3. Science or Sci-fi?
both, because we need them XD
4. If you could go to favorite restaurant what would you pick to eat?
dumplings :3
5. What is your favorite anime type, Yandere, Kuudere, or Tsundere?
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuum, tsundere XD
6. What's your favorite band?
Uverworld as of right now cX
7. Favorite colors?
Blue or red, can't decide from the rainbow XD
8. Favorite game character?
Sonic XD
9. Favorite anime character?
Deku OwO
10. Scariest horror game you ever played?
Never played them :3
11. Best Sci-fi game you played?
Halo XD
12: your Favorite book you read multiple times?
Uuum, hard to say XD

Now from :iconmedabotpuru:

Here are the rules:
1) You have to post ALL the rules
2) Answer 12 questions you have been asked then create some 12 questions for people you tagged
3) Choose 12 people
4) Legitimately tag these people
5) You can't say you don't do tags
6) Tag backs are ALLOWED!

1) When you were a kid, what job did you want to have when you were older? ^^
-either be a cop, or a firefighter XD
2) Since most, if not all, of my watchers have seen Medabots, who is your favorite Medabot?
-Metabee obviously XD
3) Do you think the Tide Pod challenge is stupid and dangerous? Or do you think it's a good way to become "Youtube famous"?
-I dunno, have to see it for myself if the product actually work or not
4) When did you first become interested in drawing?  ( Or at least, when do you remember becoming interested? ^^ )
-When I was watching ben 10 alien force, I would just draw the aliens, then after a while I started to draw sonic characters around freshmen year, and made my own original character with my childhood friend, but then I started to want to improve my work when my best friend introduced me to the anime Sword Art Online, and I was hooked, which led me to draw my own new characters again, and from there everything started to fall in place
5) Do you prefer to see Traditional artwork? Or digital?
-I say both, I've only touched the surface between the two, and I want to improve my skills on both of them
6) Why did you add me to your watch list? ;3
-because I wanted to see how your art was like and what your like X3
7) If you have an OC, what inspired you to make it?  Or, heck, if you have multiple OCs go ahead and let me know for each of them if you want to. X3
-I can't have to many to count XD
8) What is your favorite television series?
-Gundam Iron Blooded orphan, Sword Art Online, My Hero Academia, and there's more but too lazy to list them =w=
9) Do you draw as a job/occupation? Or do you draw for fun/as a hobby? ^^
-I draw it for fun but I wanna make a career or job out of it
10) What do you think of mythical creatures?
-Their awesome ^w^
11) If you saw me in real life, what would you do?
-Stutter, try to greet ya, awkward silence leading to strange stuff XD
12) I have no more questions.  Enjoy your day/night, heh.
-Kay *partying*

Here's the next one from :iconkiruiin: aaaand :iconyumatsukumo39: as well as the adorable :iconyumenonightraid:
The rules:
-Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged
-Write 13 things about yourself
Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged.
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
-No tagging back

13 Things about Myself
1.) I put things off to the last minute at times XD
2.) I have a new obsession, building Gunpla's XD 
3.) I  have an addiction to these song/music of the same series, so please help XD 

4.) I often wish for something exciting were to happen, but I know that I should watch what I wish for XD
5.) I often let my facial hair grow out =w=
6.) At times, I'm like a ninja who would appear and reappear XD
7.) I fancy a meatball sub right now :3
8.) I got a tan :dummy:
9.) I am a worrywart for others =w=
10.) I am not muscular XD
11.) I am completely weird, but friendly XD
12.) I often stall a lot XD
13.) If playing a game, I am a good at defensive plays XD 

13 Question Asked of Me from :iconkiruiin:

1. What's your OC Pokemon League?
Don't have one :dummy:
2. What's your current song obsession?
isn't it obvious? :3 It's the ones above this tag XD
3. What's your favorite light novel/anime or series based off of a light novel?
Hello, My hero academia, and sword art online :3
4. Which color? Pink or blue?
Blue? ? I don't get it XD
5. Do you like your art style?
Pointy things, I want to improve and try different styles :3
6. Is there a manga/anime you watch only for the art/animations?
I watch them all =w=
7. What's your favorite anime/manga/game scene?
My Hero Academia is an obsession to me XD
8. Any weird thing that annoys you that doesn't annoy most people?
Hmmm I dunno, being oblivious and ignorant? 030
9. Which do you prefer? Husbando or waifu?
Bring me a waifu XD
10. What's your favorite color and why?
I like all the colors, because they all bring life to certain things :3
11. Who's the best magical girl?
....... I dunno? XD
12. How many days are there in February? (I've given up lol.)
28 or 29 days, which depends actually XD
13. Can you come up with the most annoying character ever?
yes, his name is Alfonzo the Bacon, one day he started to scream very very loudly while eating people to avenge his people, then eat his own kind, the end :dummy:

Here's are from :iconyumatsukumo39:
1. Does anyone ever question what you do?
Yes, and I don't care XD
2. How many siblings do you have?
3 to 6 siblings, I only know half of them
3. Does it annoy you when I don’t respond to comments fast enough?
Sorta on certain days, but not all the time =w=
4. Out of my OCs, who is your favorite and why?
I can't choose woman QAQ
5. What’s your favorite canon ship?
Kazuto and Kiseki/Yukio and Kokoro, and many many more~ ;3
6. What is the artwork that you are the most proud of from this year?
Dunno, all of them are sketches so far
7. Honestly are you surprised how far we are in 2018 already?
Yes..... i want it to slow down now QwQ
8. Quick, think of a character!
His name is Davino Albacon, he is a street thug who uses hot dogs as weapons, then took over the world, the end :dummy:
9. What do you love about that character from the question above?
That they are unique and have so many possibilities :3
10.Whose a person that you look up to?
no clue actually, I have a lot of people that I look up too o3o
11. When facing a slump, what do you do to get your motivation back?
Music, walking around, YouTube videos, etc o3o
12. What even is a social life even more?
I dunno, put people in a classroom and have them work on projects together? o3o
13. Finally, what is the craziest dream that you have ever had?
Changing from one scenario to the next XD

Now for :iconyumenonightraid:
1. Any favorite OC shippings?
I have lots :3
2. Any songs you're singing along?
Currently Odd Future X3
3. Favorite characters while growing up?
Optimus Prime, Link, Sonic
4. Lucky number? (Don't ask -_-')
Ummm I dunno, going with 39 XD
5. How's your day?
Oh its going great actually, thanks for askin, how's yours? :3
6. Favorite Pokemon?
Charmander OwO

uhh... I'm running out of questions!!

7. Do you follow your good side (angel) or the bad side (devil)?
both :3
8. Any thing like you want to ask?
Yes, will there be any more adorable stories of Seiko and Mikazuki :3
9. Watching any new movies?
None at the moment QwQ
10. Favorite scenes (it can be anything)
Barbatos last stand against Ghallahorn, and being a freaking beast of a devil QwQ
11. Favorite...umm... Favorite creature?
Uuuuuuuuuuuum hard to say XD
12. Favorite YouTuber??
I have a lot who I need to get back to watching again XD
13. Anything exciting coming up???
My gunpla, and the new Jurassic world movie OwO

My Questions:
1.) What was the last thing you were eating?
2.) What was the last song you were listing to?
3.) Who was the last person you were talking to?
4.) The questions above are just to freak you out a little, did it work? XD
5.) What movies do you want to watch? :3
6.) Favorite shows?
7.) Current obsession? 
8.) What do you think that tv needs?
9.) You walked into a bar late at night to get a drink of water, but then there was a giant crash outside the totaled your car, which left a large dent mark in it, what do you think caused it?
10.) If you meet Deadpool, what would be your first reaction?
11.) IF you had to pick a series to live in what would it be?
12.) Favorite songs of today!
13.) What would you do if you have a giant robot arm? :3

And I shall tag no one, but feel free to do them if you like XD

Next if from the lovely lady herself :iconyakumosoulqueen: who is curious about Tatsuya, and from the amazing lady :iconyumenonightraid: who wants to know about Mikazuki, Hajime and Yasuhiro
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.

1. I would often daydream alot
2. I loe to drink Dr. Pepper a lot and try the new flavors XD
3. I often show a certain someone certain things :3
4. I am afraid to take risk in most cases, but would just take most of them XD
5. I am quite the curious person, but never ask any questions :3
6. I have a habit of thinking up scenarios 
7. I often have more blankets
8. I still play my Gameboy XD

Lets see first off it's Tatsuya :D

1. He has a double personality whenever he activates his quirk
2. He's very docile when he's half awake and asleep :3
3. His animal instincts are very, sensitive at certain times ;3
4. He has yet to master the true power of his quirk OwO
5. Chicken Dumplings are his favorite
6. He learned how to use a bo staff and wants to use it for hero work
7. His horns will come out eventually
8. His wings is very fluffy to nap on, but are very powerful on a fight!

Next is Mikazuki!

1. The mace he carries around is the same design it has like Yuma's Emperor key
2. After retaining his memories, he decides to go back to Astral World, where he dueled against Yuma for the passage of Astral World only to test his resolve and will
3. The Number card that he possesses is Number 98: Antitopian, though it doesn't mean anything to Mikazuki personality wise, it does symbolizes how he fights in duels against opponents.
4. At times he can be very blunt and straightforward 
5. He has a strong obsession of completing task that would peak his curiosity
6. He's extremely naïve even if he regained any of his memories
7. He loves giving out hugs, but hugs Seiko longer than most
8. He often wants to make a big garden and own store

Now for Hajime :3
1. He wishes to reunite with his lover from his previous life, but can't due to the circumstances of helping his cousin look for his lost sister and end the daily nightmares that would plague them both
2. In Vrains he's shown to be a cold and manipulative of situations, and would gladly take on any risks that he faces, even if it mean if his identity were to be revealed, he has prepared a contingency plan in case it ever happens, but outside of vrains, he's seen as a overly nice person who's a bit mischivious at times as well as being playful, in some cases he ends up being popular with his juniors, even with the girls, but he's not aware of that, or so it would seem, though it is hard to tell which of the two personality is his real self.
3. He can freely manipulate time even inside vrains, but not for more than 5 minutes
4. Whenever he dreams, he would have blurry visions of the future
5. His hacking skills are above average but gets most of the knowledge from the A.I. duel monster Hack Drake
6. The symbol on his regular clothe is meant to represent that he's the reincarnation of the previous Time Keeper, while the symbol on vrains represents that he's King of Time, outside of vrains, he often keeps himself from wearing his pendant and villager clothes to not give away his identity as X-Acel
7. He likes to spoil his kohai's a bit too much, but likes to spoil his cousin a lot as well.
8. HIs Vrains Avatar will be receiving a new design change, but the reasons for that is classified

And now finally Yasuhiro :D

1. Most of the time, he has a cold attitude and would be very blunt with his responses, but he has a kind and caring side that he rarely shows
2. He mostly spends his time in the park fishing, but doesn't elaborate much of why he does
3. The Symbol on his chest has a different meaning, but it symbolizes Sight of Truth due to it looking like an eye of sorts
4. The accessory on his left arm is a gift from his sister, but it holds a deeper meaning
5. He has a hidden dagger somewhere, but won't elaborate where he hides it
6. The red Cloth is actually from his mother that he always wears around
7. He doesn't attend the school his cousin goes to until the 2nd season
8. He's not afraid to threaten the life of a person

And now to tag the victims- i mean the people :3

:iconyakumosoulqueen: (Momoka, Teru, Chika, Nozomi)
:iconkeruber0su: (Arya, Kokoro, Sue, Tamashi and Kiseki :3)
:iconjnennyuki: (Shirayuki, Kamiko Murasaki)
:iconyumatsukumo39: (Finn X3)
:iconalicekurocross: (Kogami Atsuko)
:iconkiruiin: (Reina)
:iconscarletu-rozu: (Yoko Kaiba)
:iconTFUflaman17: (Cameron, Ginkga Helios)

Have an awesome day :3


I can't get enough of these vids XD

And that's about it cX
have an awesome day :D
Welp I've found some pretty interesting videos that made me laugh, and cry, and love, and also feel pretty hungry if I'm being honest :3
Also I've somehow caught a cold, but no worries, I'll be fine with plenty of rest and stuff =w=
so enjoy the vids XD


Man, I feel like I'm forgetting something but I can't seem to remember for the life of me to remember... mmm oh well couldn't been important :dummy:
I have arrived to show you some more music, mashups, and many others that I may show you or not :dummy:

I know it's been a few days since my last status update, but after watching this and listening to this.... I'M AFRAID I'VE GON TO HYPE MODE WOOOOOOOOOTTT!!!!!!!!!

Someone please revive me for I have fallen victim to this song QwQ

I'm also having some more epic music addiction now XD

Aaaaaaaand some things I find hilarious :3
I think my brain just died after watching this XD


Also I enjoyed the latest Gundam Show, makes me want to start building more =w=...... help me QwQ

ALSO MY LOVE FOR THIS IS BACK!! Also somebody please pinch me because what I am also watching because I cannot express how much hyped I am having at the moment QwQ

Also can someone tell me why I can't stop laughing from this at all XD

Man what a day, hope you guys enjoy and have an awesome day :dummy:
Welp, my siblings are screaming and yelling and I find whatever issue it is that they stumbled across is hilarious as heck so I'mma leave that there, but since I've been bored, and totally no trying to fin an excuse to get out of doing some thing that I was suppose to do, I have no choice but to get it over with :dummy:
So here is the music's that I've been trying to find for almost a year and also because I was bored XD


I feel like it's been a while since I've last shared with you guys some awesome music, so here's what I got that I love so far cX

Have fun with them :dummy:
Ya know, music is life, music gives us meanings, it gives us joy, and it also gives us happiness, it often is something that we all need in life, also it's just freaking awesome cX

*banging head on table and wall* Oh sorry about that, I'm having trouble with my excitement of trailers and movies so don't mind me :3
But.... IT'S JUST TOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm obsessed with these =w=
Welp you cannot tell me to not get enough of this, because I simply cannot get enough of these music, especially since I enjoy a pretty insane upbeat music to enjoy, personally the first and fourth ones are my fave ;3

Well I have more, but I can't fit them all in just one status, soooo yeah that's about it for today X3
Yuuuuup, I'm am having one of those moment where I can't wait for something to come and I really really want it really really reaaaaallyyy badly after this video, and I have so much regrets after watching it due to it's pure awesomeness and choice of song.... mostly the song and the figures, but seriously this is amazing X3 AND I LOVE IT!!! XD

Oh, and speaking of music, I cannot, I mean I cannot get enough of this >w<

Aaaaaaah well I'm doing stuff that are super important but, I'm being lazy about it but I'm also busy and but I have some sketches I've done but I haven't scanned them yet =w= and the one thing that could calm my nerves are music and it's wondrous beauty =w=
Also it something I like to share with you guys so enjoy XD

Also I these two are not one of the busy things that I was doing that was keeping me busy lol XP
Welp I'm in a slump on drawings right about now, and by slump I mean I got to stop listening/watching too much videos that are gonna make me go crazy insane with inspirations right now, I'm getting addicted to them literally XD

Also does something seem a bit different in my status update now? :meow:

Hmmmm naaaaaah, seems fine to me XD
Well this Year was a very interesting Year that has happened, right now I'm hearing fireworks at home scaring the living nightlight out of me and I'm here stuffing my face with food like any man would :D
But without a furtheradue I'm here to present to you all videos of the greatest yet most questionable videos you will ever witness, question or probably die of laughter after viewing them and learn from or not, so enjoy :3……………

Have a Happy New Years and I hope to see many great thing from all of you guys :)
Request will be a bit delayed due tom2 other requests haven't yet decide what they wanted, so sorry if I wasn't able to upload your request, but I willget to them as soon as possible QwQ
In the meantime enjoy some Christmas joy and cheers with random videos I keep finding cX………
Happy Holidays everyone and I hope you have a great new years
AAAAAAALLLLLLLRIGHT People, I've made a decision on some stuff :3 firstly I shall not be taking in art request mostly due to it being close to Christmas and I am lacking a lot of motivation right now XD secondly however I will be taking doddle request starting this Friday because that's the only available time I have I will be accepting them :3 Aaaand because I know people will probably say or ask for it, I won't be taking it in early at all, I will make a journal about it and that's basically it, no exceptions . Of you ask for them too early I will not accept them, at all.
Now that I've got that out of the way, here's some videos that I've found cX………
You know, whenever I draw I always put on some nice soothing music to calm my nerves, keep my mind clear, and slowly let the melody guide me to draw out my ideas..... pfffthahahahahahaha Naaaaaah, I don't go for soft melodies (somtimes) I go for the hardcore kind of music the inspires me XD what kind of music you ask? Well if ya didn't ask or if ya did, your gonna look at it anyways XD……………
*Busy being full* Aaaaaaauuuuuuuuuugh......... Oh hey hello there sorry I didn't save ya guys any food...... there's no turkey........ but we have meat .. and chicken..... Welp can't be in a food coma yet so I am here to say Happy Thanksgiving and for those who don't celebrate it in your countries religion or etc.... then Happy National Turkey day :dummy:
And now I present to you some videos for you guys to enjoy and stuff be warned there will be some horrors..... that aren't that scary but they are hilarious XD and some are nit thanksgiving related XP so enjoy XD……………
Hello people of the net, it is I neoz with more videos because why not XD their not funny though, so prepare yourself for the messed up things I'm about to show you, because feels will be hurt.... alot .... Aaaaaaaand to make you guys feel a bit better, I but a couple of funny vids in so have fun with your feels……………


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I mean, congrats, man! :,D I hope that your day and this year will be great. Wish you all of the best! 
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Haha thank you for the birthday wishes ^w^
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